ReconFence, Guardrail, & Water Walls

At Peerless Hardscapes, we offer not just our retaining wall product, but also a Fence Block and a Guardrail Block.

  • The ReCon Fence Block is an excellent option when a pedestrian railing is desired on top of a ReCon Retaining Wall, but instead of the usual wrought iron or aluminum railing, the designer wants to continue the look and aesthetic of a natural stone wall. Just add two courses of the ReCon Fence Block and a ReCon capstone to create a 38″ tall barrier that is both structurally sound and very attractive.
  • Perhaps a freestanding fence wall is needed that provides privacy and again the look of natural stone. The freestanding ReCon Fence Block can generally be stacked to 6’8″ in above grade height.
  • Alternatively, the ReCon Guardrail Block can be used as a vehicle guardrail on top of a ReCon Retaining Wall. This guardrail application can be designed to meet the International Building Code (IBC 2000) standard for parking lots and residential or side streets where low vehicle speeds would be typical.
  • Recon Retaining Wall Block are also an excellent option for water applications. Recon is durable and able to withstand the harsh elements, including excessive freeze thaw cycles and submerged blocks.